Life Seeks to Cross the Void

If the whole world was covered with asphalt, a crack would form, and in that crack, grass would grow.

--Ilya Ehrenberg


Ego's Wars with the Heart

I have only one path to teach
and the path is love.
I use love as a razor to
scrape away the scars
leftover from the ego's wars
with the heart


A keloid is a fiborous proliferation of scar tissue following trauma or surgical incision. From the French, kéloïde, from the Greek, khl, meaning claw, plus the Greek -oeids, from eidos, meaning shape or form.


resinous & vitreous

Robert Symmer proposed the terms RESINOUS and VITREOUS for the two states of electrical energy, designated NEGATIVE and POSITIVE, respectively, by Benjamin Franklin.
Franklin is widely accepted as having gotten it backwards. The (-) side of a battery actually has excess charge and the (+) side of the battery is vacant.
But Ben not only got it wrong, condemning us users of electricity for centuries to have to ignore the ill convention for the sake of communication, but, relative to Symmer's proposal, he dubbed the phenomenon shamefully apoetic as well. Maybe it's the mathematic correlation that assured the classification's ultimate success.

Nevertheless, electricity is an interplay of a restless resin and a vitreous void.


Gerausch v Ton


the corn bunting v. the pileated tinamou