personal universals

The Multitudinous Self
: There is an individual, here, a kaleidoscope of personality & identity.

Relativism, Right On
: Like little bumper cars, we are.

We Serve Each Other
: Who I am to you, I pledge, is first a source for Love. I am your neighbor and I want to help alleviate your sadness the way that you alleviate mine.

A Distrust of History, both Past and Future & That Judgement, especially, is False
: What I am to you, second, is a filtering and functioning device for a data set that includes observations, poetry & jokes, as many memes as I can cram in, & relayance of things I've picked up from other people, as I remember them.
Take for granted, whatever you learn from others, that they, too, represent a filtering and functioning device for their individual data sets. You might do well to assume that being a source for Love is not necessarily at the top of any agency's agenda, though everyone deserves some level of trust, right?

Mutual Awe of the Mystery & Acknowledgment of the Absurd
: I'm talkin' on the grand scale of things, and, c'mon, we all have to. Nothing really matters. Relax.

Intentions can plot a Course but cannot determine a Destination
: Know it, and revel in it. Live for the unexpected.

Without Consensus, we have a Development, but not a Solution
: And Logic holds that concensus is most common in smaller groups. Large groups, in fact, don't get Solutions, only the Results of Causality.

Boom boom!