The Return

Tao Te Ching Chapter 16

Attain utmost emptiness.
Abide by sincere tranquility.
The 10000 things circulate.
I contemplate only the Return.
For, flourishing as they do,
each thing returns to its source.

Returning to the source is called tranquility.
This is what is meant by “returning to Nature.”
Returning to nature is acceptance of constancy.
Accepting constancy is enlightenment.
Not accepting constancy can lead one to calamity.

Accepting constancy, the mind opens to the universe.
Openminded, the heart opens to the universe.
Openhearted, one acts with vituous leadership.
Acting with virtuous leadership, one attains the divine.
To attain divinity is to be one with the Tao.
To be one with the Tao is to be


Russolo's Six Types of Noise

1. Bangs, thunderclaps, explosions, etc.
2. Whistles, hisses, snorts.
3. Whispers, murmurs, rustling, gurgling.
4. Screams, shrieks, buzzing, crackling, sounds produced by friction.
5. Sounds produced by striking metal, wood, stone, china, etc.
6. Animal & human cries -- roars, howls, laughter, sobs, sighs, etc.

~Luigi Russolo