The Illusion of the Central Node

Spend all time in wandering state
unintentionally in-incomprehensible
maze corridor.

A node is found.
Convincing as center. From here, the spokes.
The Illusion of the Central Node is reborn.

This one reads:
"To maintain production level is equal to spiritual attainment."

By what shades & tempers shall we know you?
Are you Destined or are you Developing a Purpose?
No conscious worries. Surrender expectations for success.
Highest assignment: "The Founding Monk."

The Work of the Zealot,
the Opportunity of Living provides
the answer: the Work of the Way!

Still, other hallways,
New Nodes.
Dazy Ratravels.
Argie Mendido.
PaPsqua PaPsqua.
Utee! Ra.


Important Numbers

The Buddhist Incalculable:

1 followed by 352 septillions of kilometers of zeros
allowing that one zero occupies a length of one-thousandth of a meter
and being the length of one life of the universe


Planck's Constant:

6.6260693 x 10-34 Joule seconds
(very small)
This number is used in calculations derived from the observation of subatomic physics. If a different number is substituted, the equations don't work out, so, it is often said, the universe would fail to exist as we know it.