The Eight Intelligences

According to education researcher Howard Gardener and those who have followed his lead, each of us is a collection of eight independent intelligences.

Linguistic : sensitivity to the spoken word
Logical-mathematical : capacity to analyze and determine patterns
Musical : performance, composition and appreciation
Bodily-kinesthetic : problem-solving with the body
Spatial : recognition of patterns of wide-openess and confinement
Interpersonal : understanding of the intentions of others
Intrapersonal : understanding oneself
Natural : utilization of the environment

Man with a Video Camera

A remake side-by-side with the original (Man With a Movie Camera), by Vertov.

Dziga Vertov translates to English, "The Humming Top," a nom de guerre chosen by the filmmaker following his early experiments in recording and editing rhythmic sound collages he called the 'Laboratory of Hearing.'