22 senses

The notion of five senses is both overly simple and untrue.  The human body actually possesses the ability to sense at least twenty-two distinct impressions.  We can categorize these into five groups according to the nature of that which is being sensed.

electromagentic waves
HEAT or infrared waves
POSITION within electrical/magnetic fields, as birds use for migration, and platypus and cows sense proximity of electric lines

molecular vibrations
SOUND through ears and through body
RAYLEIGH WAVES seismic waves through Pancinian corpuscle

chemical compounds
PHEROMONES chemicals emitted by an organism that indicate levels of agressiveness, alarm, and attraction
SWEET taste sugars
SALT taste minerals
SOUR taste acids
BITTER taste danger
UMAMI taste amino acid glutamate

PRESSURE with ability to distinguish between brushing and sustained touch

body awareness
DEPTH when the brain compares data from two eyes
BODY TEMPERATURE is sensed and regulated somatically
PAIN ON SKIN "cutaneous pain"
PAIN IN INNER ORGANS "visceral pain"
BODY AWARENESS or proprioception, that is, you know where your arm is, weaving in the air, out in front of you, even when your eyes are closed and ears muffled

in no category can we place the ability one has, while in the dark, to sense one's lover's lips


personal universals

The Multitudinous Self
: There is an individual, here, a kaleidoscope of personality & identity.

Relativism, Right On
: Like little bumper cars, we are.

We Serve Each Other
: Who I am to you, I pledge, is first a source for Love. I am your neighbor and I want to help alleviate your sadness the way that you alleviate mine.

A Distrust of History, both Past and Future & That Judgement, especially, is False
: What I am to you, second, is a filtering and functioning device for a data set that includes observations, poetry & jokes, as many memes as I can cram in, & relayance of things I've picked up from other people, as I remember them.
Take for granted, whatever you learn from others, that they, too, represent a filtering and functioning device for their individual data sets. You might do well to assume that being a source for Love is not necessarily at the top of any agency's agenda, though everyone deserves some level of trust, right?

Mutual Awe of the Mystery & Acknowledgment of the Absurd
: I'm talkin' on the grand scale of things, and, c'mon, we all have to. Nothing really matters. Relax.

Intentions can plot a Course but cannot determine a Destination
: Know it, and revel in it. Live for the unexpected.

Without Consensus, we have a Development, but not a Solution
: And Logic holds that concensus is most common in smaller groups. Large groups, in fact, don't get Solutions, only the Results of Causality.

Boom boom!