The Eight Intelligences

According to education researcher Howard Gardener and those who have followed his lead, each of us is a collection of eight independent intelligences.

Linguistic : sensitivity to the spoken word
Logical-mathematical : capacity to analyze and determine patterns
Musical : performance, composition and appreciation
Bodily-kinesthetic : problem-solving with the body
Spatial : recognition of patterns of wide-openess and confinement
Interpersonal : understanding of the intentions of others
Intrapersonal : understanding oneself
Natural : utilization of the environment

Man with a Video Camera

A remake side-by-side with the original (Man With a Movie Camera), by Vertov.

Dziga Vertov translates to English, "The Humming Top," a nom de guerre chosen by the filmmaker following his early experiments in recording and editing rhythmic sound collages he called the 'Laboratory of Hearing.'


Eleven Strata

from Outer Atmosphere to Ocean Deep

Magnetosphere -- wisps of magnetic pull
Exosphere -- the air is evanscent, atoms of it almost never bump
Thermosphere -- radiation, ionization, electrification, and a constant humming
Mesosphere -- atmospheric tides and gravity surf
Stratosphere -- calm and cool
Troposphere -- all the winds in all the leaves of all the trees and grasses

+++ Planetary Boundary +++

Epipelagia -- the pellucid upper lappings of the waters
Mesopelagia -- a flickering of light, flickering of shadows
Bathypelagia -- shining, esurient creatures in the eddies of the Void
The Abyss Zone -- the steady falling crumbs from all Life from above
The Hadal Zone -- the innuminous bottom pelf slowly shifting into magma