The Blossom of the Eight Emotions

Robert Plutchik created this wheel of emotions in 1980. Each of the eight spokes, or pedals, is a basic, natural emotion, at its most intense nearer the center, to lesser degrees moving out. Opposites lie across the center from each other. The combination of any two, adjacent pedals generates the so-called advanced emotions, requiring some construction.
Studying the range of emotions in the colors, and circling the outer perimeter, one is lead by this diagram to consider, for example, that rage is the opposite of terror, aggressiveness is a combination of interest and annoyance, vigilance and rage. Also, aggressiveness is positioned as something between optimism and contempt. Love is likewise something between optimism and submission. Nicely poetic, a symmetrical play structure for words.

Click on it, so you can get a closer look:

Thank you, Indexed, for a post that brought this to WhoDooWooWei's attention, and for developing an intriguing, original, expanded conceptual framework for the wheel.

Note, the emotion wheel was originally a cone, closed on both ends. A flower bud.