Thirteen Galleries

Add to these definitions of the word "gallery" the model name of our Frigidaire front-loading washing machine.

1 . spectators in a tennis match
2 . a long porch or veranda
3 . rooms for art exhibition
4 . covered corridor or hallway
5 . nearly horizontal passageway in a mine
6 . decorative upright molding on the edge of a table or tray
7 . narrow outdoor balcony
8 . passageway over the aisle of a church, opening onto the nave
9 . upper, sloped section of an auditorium or theater--the cheapest seats
10 . a collection or assortment
11 . a burrowing insect or animal's tunnel
12 . a balcony at the stern or quarters of early sailing ships

Frigidaire, incidentally ranks up there in the most unfortunate corporate names.